Real-time Kinematic Ground Truth

We are pleased to release the ground truth reference data towards a planned challenging long-term localisation and mapping Oxford RobotCar Long-Term Autonomy Benchmark.

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The Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset

We are pleased to announce the release of the Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset, a radar extension to the Oxford RobotCar Dataset.

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RobotCar Long-Term Autonomy Benchmark

The initial release of the RobotCar Dataset consisted purely of raw data, giving researchers a large collection of data with a wide range of variation in illumination, weather, dynamic objects, seasonal changes, roadworks and building construction.

Building on that release, today at the ICRA Workshop on Robotics and Vehicular Technologies for Self-driving cars, we announced that we will soon be releasing a localisation benchmarking service, based on RTK-corrected GPS/INS trajectories.

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Python tools added to SDK

We have added some Python tools to the SDK. These tools will enable researchers using Python to get started on using the dataset more quickly.

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Missing Mono Images

It has come to our attention that some archives of mono images were empty. We have now regenerated these archives. If you have downloaded a dataset that has missing monocular images, please download them again now.

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